Reasons to Stay Single

I’ve watched all my friends find the women of their dreams, and they have all gotten married. It seems such a waste to me, and I’ve decided the single life is what I really want. Rather than going home to a woman who expects everything for nothing, I find local casual sex London partners who will leave in the morning.

There have been a few times when the thought of marriage crossed my mind. Most of these times have been when it is difficult to find a real date for a party. Fortunately, I’ve found a few women who are interested in going to parties, but they really don’t want a relationship.

It works out best when I have my time alone to do what I want, and there isn’t a woman who needs me to fix things around the house. I get to spend my money how I want, and I never have to consult with someone about inviting a friend home for dinner. For now, I have plenty of reasons to stay single.