Elixir for the Body

I was so exhausted, physically and mentally, that the other day I had the need to exchange my lunch time for a good massage. My hunger literally was put into a second place, my body begged me, and my mind was hindered by stress and lack of rest.

Believe me, chineseĀ gay nsa massage London was like water in the desert, a trip to the stars, or the elixir of the gods, even to an empty stomach.

After a great time of relaxation where I almost fell asleep, I opt to seal my deserved hour of massaging with a good red wine and a dish of succulent seafood, as they say out there; three good things together do not occur every day.

My day ended wonderfully, my mind had enough space to allow new thoughts, my spirit was filled with joy, and my body floated weightlessly. The best spent time, the best massage.